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Appearances and Events

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La Fuente de Musica

Residential Music Workshops in Andalucia, Southeastern Spain is the main online location for information about this wonderful series of holiday workshop weeks. You’ll find a lot of what you need to know in the Events listings for specific weeks, and in the text below them.

Please visit the Media Gallery page and look at the La Fuente album to get a taste of what these weeks are like. Click the Gallery symbol at the bottom left of the large picture for an album menu.

Week 1: 10th May – 17th May 2014 – Old-Time American Music & Song
Week 2 : 27th Sept – 4th Oct 2014 – Old-Time American Music & Song
Week 3: 25th Oct – 1st Nov 2014 – American Percussive Step-Dance
Week 1: offers master musicians & teachers Dave Bing & Kate Lissauer & others. Classes are in fiddle, banjo, guitar, group singing & beginners’ instrumental.

Week 2: features legendary singers & instrumentalists Alice Gerrard & Beverly Smith with others. Classes are in fiddle, banjo, guitar & individual and group singing.

Week 3: is taught by two of the country’s finest percussive step-dancers & teachers, Jake Jones & Jenny Read. Classes will be in freestyle & interpretive solo & synchronised dance, from beginner to advanced level.

Groups comprise around 12-17 students, the teachers and several other staff. Most of us stay on-site, unless there is an overflow; sometimes people prefer to stay in a tent on-site.
We are completely self-contained and private, located in a remote valley, roughly in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Although many places one might wish to explore are readily at hand, we often find that people are very happy and content to stay on-site throughout the week. All meals are provided, and use of all facilities (such as washing) are included. We have a 20-metre solar heated swimming pool and the casa is set within exquisite gardens and beautifully landscaped grounds, surrounded by hills – perfect for walking and climbing.

Participants generally arrive on Saturday and depart on the following Saturday or Sunday, although arrival and departure dates are flexible, and you may arrive early or stay late. Anyone staying outside the Saturday to Saturday interval is asked to donate a modest additional cost per extra day.

Classes begin on Sunday, and run through Tuesday. Then we have a day off for excursions or whatever people want to do. Then we have two more days of classes which finish with a student showcase and a party. We usually have a night out during the week as well.

Classes comprise (depending on dates) fiddle, banjo, guitar, singing and step dance. Each class is held each day, and lasts for about 1.5hours. They are scheduled so that you can choose three of the five topics on any given day. The classes are progressive, so most people stick with their chosen classes throughout the week. There is no obligation to attend a certain number of classes.

The final showcase is a great feature of the week, in which a partner for each participant is chosen by random draw, and these partners, with support from other students and staff, work on playing together and presenting something (two pieces, any medium, funny or serious) to the group. It can be daunting, but is always rewarding! We learn to play with people we haven’t worked with before and try things we haven’t ever done. For some people, simply playing for someone else is a big challenge. There is a lot of support and encouragement.

Travel and travel costs are the responsibility of each participant, but we are here to help by giving information about good routes, possible sharing of taxis etc. We also have our own taxi service that can pick up from Almeria airport, and we can organise transfers from other airports too. Almeria is the closest airport; alternatives are Murcia (2 hours away), and Alicante (2.5 hours away).

I hope this is enough information to get you started. If you could email me any further question, I will be very happy to reply.